Fit Out Design F

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    Galleria Corporate Center, Pasig City

  • Size

    1000 sq.m

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3D Visualization

“I would like to inform you in advance that we are very pleased with your team’s professionalism and attentiveness to all our needs. Your team has been very patient and we definitely enjoyed working with all of them. Rest assured we will consider your team for all our projects that we will have in the future.”

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Fit Out Design F

Fit out Design F is a blend of vibrancy and professionalism. Its extensive features is ideal for a workplace that promotes global influence such as travel as different characteristics can reflect varying cultures.


Color Scheme

Fit out Design F has a notable style because of its use of a wide range of colors. The walls are painted with soft and light colors of blue, white, and beige. These are contrasted by the gray hue of the rug tiles on the floor.


The pantry and the meeting rooms have tropical colors of red, yellow, and orange; while the conference room and the production area have a lighter and bolder colors of white, black, beige, and gray.



The furniture for this design are simple yet functional. The conference room uses basic midback chairs and freestanding tables; while the meeting rooms are designed with small round tables surrounded by mesh chairs with dual colors each. A line of wall prints further accentuate the mix.


The production area have laminated workstations with bowed appendages. There are round, rectangle, long tables, plastic chairs, and stools in the pantry.


Visitors can find comfort in the waiting area which has accent sofas and wall prints of different travel destinations in the Philippines and abroad.


Furthermore, clients of Ellcad, an efficient one-stop fit out contractor in the Philippines, can request to customize the colors and materials to be used for the projects.

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