Fit Out Design E

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    Enterprise Center Tower., Makati City

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Fit Out Design E

Modern offices are known to have wide open spaces, sleek surfaces, and minimal furniture. This style is called Contemporary – it is a style used to allow better functionality and productivity. Fit out Design E is characterized by these qualities.


Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation, a credible fit out contractor in the Philippines, worked with clients for this design which is suitable for modern offices with global reach such as BPOs and travel agencies.


Color Scheme

Fit out Design E is filled with diverse colors ranging from neutral colors to vivid colors. To highlight professionalism, the neutral colors of white, beige, and gray decorate the walls, the ceilings, and the floor. These shades are also relaxing. Moreover, the vivid colors of yellow and blue appear on the workstations to add flavor to the abundantly neutral colored area.



The office flooring is designed with comfortable carpet tiles. The lighting also plays a big role in achieving Design 5’s intended style. Embedded square ceiling lights will provide brightness, a main aesthetic feature in offices with a Contemporary design.


The production areas are occupied by workstations with laminated partitions and mesh chairs, while conference rooms and executive spaces are designed with freestanding tables and highback chairs. Furthermore, the dining area is decorated with long tables, plastic chairs, granite counters, and stools.


As Ellcad Premiere is a flexible fit out contractor in the Philippines, clients can customize the colors and materials to be used for their office fit out constructions according to their own preferences.

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