Fit Out Design C

  • Industry


  • Location

    Prestige Tower, Pasig City

  • Size

    90 sq.m

  • Design Inspiration

    Urban Modern

3D Visualization

“I would like to inform you in advance that we are very pleased with your team’s professionalism and attentiveness to all our needs. Your team has been very patient and we definitely enjoyed working with all of them. Rest assured we will consider your team for all our projects that we will have in the future.”

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Fit Out Design C

Ellcad Premiere’s Fit out Design C provided an urban modern style combined with colors often associated with food for companies related to diet and nutrition. Urban modern style is defined by the combination of postmodern, minimalist, and industrial design influences.


Color Scheme

Design C incorporates the color of orange and shades of blue on walls and seldom items. As orange is the color known to entice human appetite, it serves well for offices of companies that are related to food manufacturing and distribution.


The shades of blue may represent water and beverages, but they are also often used as an effective way to influence tranquility and calmness among office employees. The accents of white are also present in the proposed office plan, as white represents cleanliness and purity—factors that are sought after in food products.



The furniture works in Design C are made and selected for the office area that is no larger than 90 square meters. The lobby is designed to receive guests and clients with a reception desk of solid surface countertop and a 3-seater sofa; while the chief representative’s office features laminated filing cabinets, an executive table as desk system, a highback chair, mobile pedestals, and two midback chairs.


Moreover, the meeting room is equipped with mesh chairs surrounding a conference table with white tabletop. There are laminated shelves and cabinets in the display area, as well as a white-topped round table with a cross base surrounded by a customized seating system.


The production area consists of a low partition system with each desk equipped with a mesh chair. The tasting room is complete with wall cabinets as storage system and a granite countertop for the sink area, as well as white stackable chairs surrounding a round table with white tabletop and cross base.


Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation is an effective fit out contractor in the Philippines that believes in effective collaboration between contractors and clients to produce desirable results. In this design, the cooperation between Ellcad and its clients produced a strategic space planning where all needed facilities were conveniently placed in a limited space of 90 square meters. We can also provide different colors and materials according to our clients’ requests as we prioritize their needs.

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