Call Center & BPO Fit Out Projects

Take a look at these Call Center and BPO Fit Out projects and optimize your offices with the help of Ellcad Premiere, a trusted fit out contractor in the Philippines!

BPO and Call Center office innovation

As an experienced fit out contractor in the Philippines, Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation also specializes in call center fit out. We have a professional understanding of the floorplan and furniture designs needed for a call center office. Because call center work environment requirements vary from one client to another, we offer customization requests on desk, filing, partition systems, and more.

We also take into account the available floor area for every project, which requires us to execute strategic space planning. Projects with floor areas as small as 100 square meters give us opportunity to innovate furniture designs that will conserve space and make a breathable working environment; while projects with floor areas as wide as 8,000 square meters give us opportunity to maximize the large space available with functional office features.

From architectural works to electrical works, and from auxiliary works to safety works, Ellcad Premiere practices innovative techniques to provide clients with high-standard call center fit out office designs.

Offered Call Center and BPO Fit Out Services

Browse through our call center and BPO fit out projects! Ellcad has produced through the years in collaboration with its valued clients.

View detailed descriptions and inquire or compare the rundown of materials and construction processes about each project we finished.

All BPO fit out contractor projects taken by Ellcad were handled by a group of professionals in the Philippines who underwent necessary training and programs. They also harbor a mission and vision that greatly benefit their clients as much as them.

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