Office Partition Panels

Accordion Wall Partition
Operable Wall Partition
Laminated Partition
5.00 cm Partition
2.50 cm Partition

*All items are subject for availability.

  • circle perforated

  • square perforated

  • emboss

  • wood surfaces

  • fabric surfaces

  • glass surfaces

Partitions and Dividers give better work organization in offices due to their design that segregates and files work spaces properly. Philippines’ efficient fit out contractor, Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation ensures high-quality outcome for your workplace.

Partition panels and Dividers from Ellcad:

Ellcad provides effective partition panels and dividers fit for different circumstances. You can choose from the diverse partition panels and dividers we offer such as:

  • 5 cm Partition Panel
  • 5 cm Partition Panel
  • Laminated Partition Panel
  • Laminated Table Partition
  • Operable Wall Partition
  • Accordion Wall Partition

Features of the partition panels and dividers:

Ellcad’s partition panels and dividers are made with these features for an optimized division system:

  • Various partition panel finishes are available:
    • Circle perforated
    • Square perforated
    • Emboss
    • Wood
    • Fabric
    • Glass surfaces
  • Different options for wall partitions:
    • Accordion wall can have in a PVC or laminated finish
    • Operable wall can be made in a laminated or fabric finish
  • Partition panels can be customized based on the client’s choice of color, material, and design
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