Fit Out Pantry Tables

Pantry Table

*We accept custom-made tables.
*All materials used are subject for availability.

  • biege

  • light gray

  • charcoal gray

  • maple

  • beech

  • cherry

  • wallnut

  • wenge

  • CD Leg with Modesty

    Available Colors:

  • CD Leg with Perforated Modesty

    Available Colors:

  • Power Coated Table Legs

    Available Colors:

  • Laminated with Modesty

Aside from giving convenience for workers, pantry tables also encourage collaboration between colleagues and provide space for better teamwork.

Take a look at the available custom-made Fit Out Pantry Tables to suit your office convenience needs from a trusted fit out contractor in the Philippines, Ellcad Premiere.

Features of fit out pantry tables from Ellcad

  • High-quality furniture
  • Can be custom-made through client’s request (design, materials and color)
  • Range of laminates available:
    • Beige
    • Light gray
    • Charcoal gray
    • Maple
    • Beech
    • Cheery
    • Walnut
    • Wenge
  • Available table legs with color options:
    • CD Leg with modesty
    • CD leg with perforated modesty
    • Power coated
    • Laminated with modesty
  • Available table stands:
    • Aluminum
    • Cast iron
    • Round base
    • Square base
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