Fit Out Office High Back Chairs


*All items are subject for availability.
*Fabric color can be changed.

Fit Out Office High Back chairs will make you feel comfortable and empowered while working! Take a look at the offered products from a fit out contractor in the Philippines you can trust, Ellcad Premiere Construction Corporation, to help you decide which kind of Fit Out office highback Furniture chairs you need in your office.

Fill your space with this type of seating system and experience the benefits today!

Features of the Fit Out Office High Back Chairs from Ellcad

Find contentment with Ellcad’s office highback chairs that are rich with the following characteristics:

  • Chrome frames and aluminum bases
  • Mesh and fabric finishes
  • Leatherette Upholsteries
  • Arm rests, gas lifts, and swivel functionality
  • Smooth, soft, and patterned highbacks
  • Customizable by clients (fabric, color, overall design and structure can be changed upon client’s request)
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